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Krokodilla Kidsclub Amsterdam

6-18 yo

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Steven M.
11-03-21 18:50:42
Our son is a very high sensitive sensation seeker. Sometimes we just didn’t know how to calm him down. Thanks Marielle for giving him tips and a lot of self confidence. He seems so much happier now. And so are we!
🙏 thanks Steven, it was a pleasure to work with the three of you.
Vera Bernard
27-02-21 19:56:53
Marielle is lovely! She has been a great help, she speaks French and explained us a lot about Amsterdam. When we moved here from France last year, my youngest had difficulties going to school. After a few sessions with Marielle she was a happy girl. Merci Marielle!
Ah merci Vera, it was a great pleasure to work with you.




We coach in 5 languages!


27-02-2021, 19:40

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